Received a Letter from us?

Then we believe electrical equipment crosses your land, for which you may be owed payment!

Langford Marsh assists thousands of homeowners across the UK in obtaining a payment, known as a wayleave, for the electrical equipment that crosses their property. Our service is free of any charge and we solely represent your interests, meaning you keep 100% of the monies we negotiate on your behalf.

Within our letter you will find a list of equipment, accompanied by monetary values that you may receive for housing the electrical equipment on your land.

You will be paid in accordance with those values by the electrical company for the equipment affecting your property. In exchange for that payment they obtain the right to keep their equipment in situ so they can carry on feeding you and your neighbours with electricity.


To get started simply follow the above link and complete our online application to provide us with the authority to act on your behalf to obtain any wayleave payments owed to you. There is no cost to you whatsoever to do this.

Simply enter your details on the form, and confirm what equipment you hold on your land using these pictures as your guide:

Mural Wiring

Note: if you have 1 pole on your land, you should state “1 Pole” and so on.

Remember, there is no cost, or charge to you for us setting this up. The monies for the wayleave will be paid directly to you. Because we are independent, we represent your interests and are available for you to speak with direct on 02393 430 039.


Only one agent may represent a homeowner. If you already have an agent and would prefer Langford Marsh to represent you then you would need to inform the other agent that you no longer wish for them to act for you.

Unfortunately you cannot. Langford Marsh assist homeowners in setting up Wayleave Agreements, we cannot therefore set one up if you already have one in place.

Each wayleave agreement you will receive will provide you with a lump sum amount, and the electrical company a right to keep their equipment in situ for a period of time. The precise period of time that your exact wayleave will last is dependent on what electrical company owns the equipment in your area but is usually around 15 years.

We do not seek a fee, receive commission or take any other type of payment from our clients for our service. We negotiate our own separate fee from the electrical company that does not affect your fee whatsoever.

We are independent land agent’s that work on your behalf, not the electrical company’s.

We facilitate and negotiate the wayleave on your behalf to obtain you maximum payment, allowing you to relax while we do the leg work like our thousands of other clients nationwide.

No, as long as you own the property as either leasehold or freehold you can submit your application.

If you rent, please forward this letter to your landlord.

A wayleave is a contract between you and the electrical company and does not need to be repaid if you move home. The new property owner can enter into their own wayleave contract with the electrical company once they take ownership of the property.

Typically applications take about 6 months, but they can take longer. We will update you if it appears your application may be delayed.

Follow this link and complete the authority to act form.

You may contact us on 02393 430 039.