Langford Marsh specialise in negotiating rights on behalf of landowners relating to low voltage electrical equipment situated on, over, or under their property throughout the United Kingdom.
With years of experience we negotiate these rights (known as a wayleave agreement) with your local electrical company for their equipment that affects your land, meaning you obtain full payment for them to keep their equipment in place like it already is.

Who Can Claim?

By law electricity companies are obliged to secure agreement with property owners for the use of their land, which they usually do through a wayleave which is personal contract between themselves and the property owner.

As many of these wayleave agreements no longer exist or have been lost over time, Langford Marsh have taken it upon themselves to represent property owners to rectify the issue.

Therefore if you own property that is affected by any of the following electrical equipment, you may be able to claim:

Langford Marsh pole
Wooden Pole
Stay Wire
Overhead Cables
Langford Marsh Support Strut
Support Strut

Payment you are owed

Whether you house simple overhead wires, or a row of wooden poles on your land you may be able to claim a yearly payment, or up front lump sum from the electrical company. It is money that you are owed, and should not be missed out on.

Making a Claim

We follow a 5 step process to completing your claim with us that usually takes 3 to 6 months, but can take longer:

Step 1: Meet at your home

A member of our survey team will meet with you at your home where they will review the potential claim you may be able to make before asking you to sign a Letter of Authority document for us to act on your behalf – this allows us to negotiate a wayleave with the electrical company for you.

Step 2: Internal review

Once we have met with you we will conduct our own internal review of your property and the electrical equipment affecting it to make sure you can claim.

Step 3: Claim submission

We present our claim evidence to the electrical company in order for them to asses against their own records whether payment is due to you.

Step 4: Wayleave produced

A wayleave will be produced by the electrical company confirming the extent of the electrical equipment affecting your land, and what payment you may owed. Should you agree with their findings, you would sign the wayleave and return it to us.

Step 5: Payment

Once the electrical company receive your signed wayleave they will make payment to you in due course.

If you want to make a claim for the wayleave payment you are owed then get in touch today by calling 02393 430 039 and we will assist you in getting the process started.

About Langford Marsh

Based in Portsmouth we represent clients across the entire United Kingdom in negotiation for electrical equipment affecting their land.

Our key members have years of experience in the industry, and understand how the entire process operates from start to finish so you don’t have to. We aim to take all the hassle out of the wayleave agreement for you, so you can sit back and relax while we do the work.

We believe that property owners have a right to receive payment for the usage of their land by others, and we want to help ensure those rights are protected.